Mutual Ventures

Commissioning authorities



Support for commissioning authorities

Commissioners and senior decision makers are under increasing pressure to make savings whilst maintaining (or improving) service quality. We can support you to make the right strategic service delivery decisions for your local area. Examples of the services we could provide include:

Devolution and integration readiness – working with local authority and health leaders to define, design and deliver their plans. Click here to find out more about the support we can offer.

Strategic review of services – looking at potential groupings of services and options appraisals to ascertain the most appropriate delivery model. Options include:

  • An enhanced in-house service with increased levels of commercial discipline
  • A public sector owned trading company
  • A joint venture with an independent organisation or another public body
  • A staff/service user led public service mutual (often called ‘spinning out’)

Right to mutualise preparation – support to get your organisation’s internal processes ready for a likely increase in the ability of front-line staff to initiate exploration of a public service mutual model.

 Download our guide to setting up a public service mutual