Mutual Ventures

What we do

The Mutual Ventures team work alongside commissioners, organisational leaders and front-line staff to design, implement and grow the right delivery models and embed the right systems and culture to enable this to happen. Increasingly, this is in response to the challenges of devolution and integration.

Working across a number of different sectors, we:

We have been leading provider to the Cabinet Office Mutual Support Programme having supported over 25 public sector teams through the entire options appraisal, business planning and transition process. Further to this, we have worked with more than 100 organisations that are exploring how they could deliver their services differently.

We are currently part of the Spring Consortium in partnership with Deloitte and the Innovation Unit to deliver the Department for Education’s £100 million children’s Social Care Innovation Programme.

In addition, we are involved (and have been involved) in the delivery of a wide range of Government funded programmes including: Delivering Differently Programme; Mutuals in Health Pathfinder Programme; and the Investment and Contract Readiness Fund.

We are currently approved providers on the Social Investment Business Big Potential Advanced programme.