Mutual Ventures

Service Transformation

Your service’s operating model bridges the gap between your overarching strategy and day-to-day delivery. It determines how successfully services are delivered by supporting sound decision-making, effective processes and an environment where staff can thrive. Developing an operating model to support your strategy will allow you to establish a more sustainable service and better outcomes for your service-users.

MV has an established methodology to support you to assess, design and implement your operating model, using techniques created to support public services specifically. We work alongside you and your team to design and embed this change, ensuring that skills are transferred to your organisation to continue developing your operating model in the future unaided.

MV has developed the Public Service Operating Model framework, which is specifically tailored to support the design and delivery of outcomes across central government, local authorities and VCSEs. This framework allows us to provide a holistic assessment and design of your service or organisation:


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