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Pam Rowe | Associate

Pam has worked in local government, managing children service at every level up to Assistant Director. For the past 13 years, she has been a consultant using her knowledge, political astuteness and gravitas to help secure outstanding results.

As an Assistant Director, Pam played a lead role in transforming children services making it possible for social workers and managers to give their best to service users. She is known for creating cultures where good social work is possible.

As Improvement Partner in a range of local authorities, Pam has coached leaders at all levels on achieving good leadership behaviours and about social work professional standards. She is a mentor to many Directors, Assistant Directors, Heads of Service and Team Managers.

Pam is currently working as an Associate with Mutual Ventures across a range pf projects including as a coach for some of the national DfE Innovation Programme projects. Pam is also an advisor to a Teaching Partnership about leadership development.