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Schools – The Pegasus Academy Trust

Pegasus Academy Trust

Pegasus Academy Trust is a successful Multi-Academy Trust which has expanded rapidly since 2011. It now manages four academy primary schools within the London Borough of Croydon and plans to continue to grow in the local area. Pegasus is high performing: upon joining the Trust a new school’s performance improves quickly and all schools who have had an Ofsted Inspection and have been part of the Trust for over a year and have achieved a Good rating.

In light of this success and expansion, the Trust’s Directors wanted to review their governance and leadership arrangements and recruitment policies to ensure they were fit for purpose. The Chair of Pegasus approached Mutual Ventures to undertake this review and asked us to identify any changes that could be made to improve the strategic management of the Trust and recruitment of teachers at all levels.

Following a review of how other academy groups have approached similar challenges and the regulatory requirements for Multi-Academy Trusts, the Mutual Ventures team met with Pegasus’ Board of Directors, the Members of their Academy Councils and the Senior Leadership Team to understand their experience of the Trust and aspirations for the future. We then provided the Board of Directors with a series of recommendations to help them manage the Trust’s expansion, whilst sustaining the high quality education and learning environment in each of their schools.

Polly Walker, Mutual Ventures Consultant: “The adaption of governance and leadership arrangements is essential for all academy groups that want to take on more schools and continue to deliver high quality education and learning – and Pegasus was very forward thinking in its approach and commitment to making a significant contribution to educational outcomes in Croydon. Being just outside “Inner London” where teacher salaries are higher also represented a challenge for Pegasus, as they wanted to attract the best staff to their school. Throughout our work, we wanted to support Pegasus to gain an understanding of how other academies had overcome these issues and provide the space to discuss how they felt the Trust was working at the moment and what they thought would enhance its capacity for growth in the future.”