Mutual Ventures

About us

Our team works alongside commissioners/senior decision-makers, front-line staff and the leaders of established organisations to design, implement and grow the right delivery models to maximise the potential of public service.

Our philosophy is simple

We believe the public service market place needs to become more inclusive, moving away from traditional in-house public sector delivery and straight outsourcing to the private sector, to embracing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and alternative delivery models. The missing element from traditional delivery is the power of public service entrepreneurialism, which takes the best from the traditional public sector (the ethos and commitment to serving the public) and the private sector (customer focus and commercial discipline) and creates an essential balancing force.

Much of the inspiration for Mutual Ventures came from the founders’ involvement in the pioneering Social Work Practice programme, which supported teams of front line social workers to move out of local authority employment into independent social enterprises. Having the chance to help unleash the inner social entrepreneur of these committed public service staff and to see how this impacted positively on their services was inspirational. Knowing what can be achieved by a committed team with the right guidance is what drives us and we look for this spark of inspiration in every project we take on.

We have developed a set of values which are central to our way of working and we hold each other accountable to:

  • Be open, honest, collaborative and pragmatic when working with clients, partners and each other
  • Remain committed to building a sustainable, ethical and socially focused business
  • Learn the lessons from disappointments and quickly move on
  • Deliver real and tangible benefits to our clients and local communities
  • Demonstrate a genuine passion for working with and improving front line public and community services
  • Maintain a work life balance and a determination to enjoy our work and have fun!